There are two types of sealcoat material that can be applied to an existing Asphalt Concrete pavement surface: asphalt emulsion and cold tar emulsion. Both types of material are applied by two different methods: a spraying method or a hand squeegeeing method. They are applied as a protective coating on asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from water, oils, and U.V. damage to the existing pavement surface.

Asphalt emulsion sealer is derived from asphalt and is the most readily available and most widely used on roads and parking lots. One drawback is asphalt emulsion sealer is NOT resistant to petroleum products such as gas and oil. It is dark black in color and restores the original color of asphalt.

Coal tar is a coal tar based emulsion and is water based. It is primarily used on federal airport sealcoating projects, due to its ability to protect against the ill effects on jet fuel. It IS resistant to petroleum products such as gas and oils. It is blackish gray in color.

Oahu Sealcoating & Paving, LLC applies both types of sealer, and, therefore, has the ability to blend both sealers, resulting in a dark, petroleum resistant coating.