Company Structure:                  Limited Liability Company, established 2001


Professional License, Hawaii:    AC-23469


Small Business Certifications:    Small Business Administration 8(a)-certified, SBA Case no. 305924,

                                                       Entrance Date: 7/26/2013, Exit Date: 7/26/2022

                                                       Department of Transportation DBE- Certified


Government Database Information:  DUNS Number – 033201252

                                                      CAGE Code – 3YLU3

                                                      NAICS Codes: 238990- (Primary)

                                                                      237310- Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

                                                                      324121- Asphalt Paving Mixture & Block Manufacturing

Principal:                                      Randall M. Tamura, President and Owner


Business Description:                  Oahu Sealcoating & Paving, LLC is a general contractor operating in the State of Hawaii. Since 2001, we’ve provided quality paving and                                                        sealcoating services to commercial and government customers.


Bonding:                                      $3,000,000 single and aggregate – Island Insurance.


Core Competencies:                    Asphalt Concrete Paving, Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoating, Fuel Resistant (Coal Tar) Sealcoating, Pavement Markings, Pressure Washing,                                                        Hot Applied Cracksealing, Sitework, and Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat Manufacturing.

Experience of Key Personnel:         

           • Randall Tamura, President and Owner, Project Manager. Mr. Tamura is responsible for the overall management, day-to-day operation, and bid/proposal preparation of the                    company. He is experienced with residential, commercial and government projects. Mr. Tamura graduated from San Jose State University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts                     Degree in Biological Science. His experience includes:

                               ♦1983-1992: Grace Pacific, LLC- Plant Superintendent/Estimator/Project Manager

                               ♦1992-1995: Site Engineering, Inc.- Vice President

                               ♦1995-2001: Oahu Paving Company- Superintendent

Past Performance:

         • Servco Mapunapuna

                              ♦Contract Value: $355,000+

                              ♦Start Date: 1/16, Completion Date: ongoing

                              ♦Contact: Brett Lau

                              ♦Scope of Work: Pavement reconstruction, pressure washing, sealcoating, crack sealing, new concrete slabs, pavement markings.

         • Queen Emma Gardens A.O.A.O.

                              ♦Contract Value: $111,150

                              ♦Start Date: 2/17, Completion Date: 3/17

                              ♦Contact: Lambert Kia

                              ♦Scope of Work: Pavement demolition, new A.C. pavement, sealcoating, pavement markings

         • Disney Aulani

                               ♦Contract Value: $49,920

                              ♦Start Date: 5/17, Completion Date: 5/17

                              ♦Contact: Ken Poyntes

                              ♦Scope of Work: Pressure wash, sealcoating, pavement markings.

         • EAH – Kukui Gardens

                              ♦Contract Value: $197,233

                              ♦Start Date: 6/17, Completion Date: 7/17

                              ♦Contact: Abe Kia

                              ♦Scope of Work: Coldplaning, A.C. pavement, sealcoating, concrete wheelstops, pavement markings

        FAA – Replacement of Septic Tank – Kamehame Ridge

                              ♦Contract Value: $48,450

                              ♦Start Date: 6/17, Completion Date: 6/17

                              ♦Contact: Ira Farnoush

                              ♦Scope of Work: Sitework, Installation of septic tank and plumbing

         • National Park Service- Arizona Memorial Visitor Center

                              ♦Contract Value: $129,227

                              ♦Start Date: 10/17, Completion Date: 10/17

                              ♦Contact: John O’Dell

                              ♦Scope of Work: Sitework, A.C. pavement

         • Maryknoll School- Elementary Classroom Courtyard Improvements

                              ♦ Contract Value: $220,000

                              ♦Start Date: 2/18, Completion Date: 3/18

                              ♦Contact: Lester Oshiro

                              ♦Scope of Work: Sitework, coldplane existing pavement, new A.C. pavement, new concrete curbs, installation of perforated drain system, landscaping.

         • The Arbors

                           ♦ Contract Value: $112,270

                           ♦ ♦Start Date: 1/18, Completion Date: 7/18

                           ♦ ♦Contact: Lester Oshiro

                           ♦ ♦Scope of Work: Pavement reconstruction, pressure washing, hot cracksealer, sealcoating, pavement markings.